Back to… HO Scale??? wtf…???

I started out in HO Scale and soon got interested in N Scale (but never pursued it). For me, S Scale was just an accident caused by P-B-L: I was looking for a model of Southern Pacific’s SPNG #9 and the only one I could find was P-B-L’s in Sn3 – so I bought it. To make things worse, they had SPNG box car kits and were planning on importing… Continue reading

Thoughts on On30 vs. Sn42

Model Power Sn42 critter

Since discovering there were actual 30″ prototype railroads in North America I’ve been dabbling in On30 and I just got my first On30 locomotive, a Bachmann 0-4-0 Porter. For the price (less than $80 including shipping) it’s an amazing detail – nice detailing, runs very smooth (at least on DC -… Continue reading

Narrow Minded


I really think S Scale is ideal for modeling narrow gauge. HO Scale narrow gauge is a little too small, O Scale narrow gauge takes up a little too much space, but S Scale narrow gauge is just right – and it gives you more and better choices. With HO, your choices are HOn30 (HO models on N Scale… Continue reading

A good month for my S Scale layout:)

May was a good month for S Scale… especially for me:) River Raisin Models officially announced they’ll be going through with their SP switcher project AND adding 3 different M6 2-6-0’s to the mix. If you’ve ever wanted a really nice S Scale brass steam locomotive at a great price, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE. Also this month, MTH Trains allowed their vendors to start pre-ordering from the Showcase Line they… Continue reading

More buildings for my Keeler branch


Sometimes you see some really surprising stuff on eBay, like the laser cut kit for 4 outbuildings in Keeler, CA on the Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge (aka Slim Princess) – in S Scale no less. Every time I start to drift away from S Scale, something happens to bring me back to my senses. First it was the River… Continue reading

River Raisin’s Southern Pacific S12 Switcher and More…


It looks like at least one of River Raisin Models’ latest announced projects – the Southern Pacific S12/S14  – is a go. I put in my deposit on an S12 last year and for awhile it looked like there wouldn’t be enough reservations for the project to go forward. I guess they finally got enough reservations though, because according… Continue reading

LCCA for S Scalers?

I just joined the LCCA – Lionel Collectors Club of America. I know, so what? It looks like the LCCA is going to release an S Gauge American Flyer set sometime soon and it also looks too good to pass up for a Flyer junkie like me. I’ve been wanting NEW Flyer stuff since, like, forever and I’ve also decided to quit buying O Gauge stuff for awhile and concentrate… Continue reading

No Matter What You Want…


If it was ever made, it’s going to eventually show up on eBay. I’ve been wanting the Dolores Conoco Plant from Raggs to Riches ever since I first saw it about 3 years ago. Unfortunately I screwed around and din’t buy one, and the kit was discontinued. After a few weeks of frantic internet searches, posting Want Ads in… Continue reading

MTH S Scale Catalog Is Out

MTH S Scale boxcar

Finally some good news:) MTH Trains’ S Scale catalog is out and it’s a lot better than I’d hoped. They only have one diesel locomotive, but it’s the F3 and it’s available in Santa Fe War Bonnet colors. The best part is it comes with both scale and High Rail wheels and couplers. This is great… Continue reading

More kits on the way… and some musings on S Scale modelling

Lucky Mine in S Scale kit

Lucky Mining Company

I finally broke myself from buying really cool O Gauge stuff and ordered a couple S Scale kits – the Lucky Mining Company and the Virginia & Truckee Virginia City ore bin, both by Classic Miniatures. Both are models of kits served by the V&T but I… Continue reading