A good month for S Scale…

May was a good month for S Scale… especially for me:) River Raisin Models officially announced they’ll be going through with their SP switcher project AND adding 3 different M6 2-6-0’s to the mix. If you’ve ever wanted a really nice S Scale brass steam locomotive at a great price, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE. Also this month, MTH Trains allowed their vendors to start pre-ordering from the Showcase Line they took over from S Helper Service. I was kind of disappointed the SW-9 didn’t make it into the first run, but really happy about the F3, especially since they’re doing it in Santa Fe War Bonnet. I ordered a pair of powered A-units and an unpowered B. They have some new reefers too, so I ordered 6 – including 2 new beer reefers. The reefers are supposed to deliver in December and the locomotives after the 1st of next year… I can hardly wait:) Also this month I got a laser cut kit for 4 outbuildings from Keeler, CA on the SP narrow gauge. Also saw on Facebook (yes, they have an S Scale group) that M2 has a new set of 50’s era work trucks in 1/64. Yes, it’s been a pretty good month for the Ideal Scale:)

With all the good things coming out on the scale side, S is looking better and better all the time for me. I wish I could say the same thing for toy trains… I just don’t feel too hopeful that S Scale will ever make much of a comeback which is a shame IM(not so)HO. Toy trains serve a very useful purpose, and despite what some self proclaimed experts think, they’re just as much fun to run as scale models. Even the O Gaugers are starting to get “uppity” towards the guys who still like toy trains, but at least there’s so much stuff in the pipeline that “toys” will still be available for a long time, even if they stopped making all of it tomorrow. Guess that’s a roundabout way of saying I bought some more O Gauge stuff since I swore it off not long ago.

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