Good deals on brass locomotives…

brass C-16Lately there have been some really good deals on S Scale brass locomotives coming up on EBay. A couple of weeks ago I picked up a P-B-L model of Southern Pacific #8 (narrow gauge) for less than $500 including shipping and this week I picked up a PFM C-16 (also in Sn3) for only $368 including shipping. To put this in perspective, Sn3 steam locomotive kits start at around $500. Both of the models I just got were brass (as opposed to plastic or cast zinc) and were fully assembled and test run. In the case of SP #8, also professionally painted. Both locomotives are in perfect brand new condition. In the past 30 days there have been 6 Sn3 brass locomotives sold on EBay for less than $400, and 2 of those went for less than $300. At these prices it almost doesn’t make sense to model in Sn42 unless your modeling an actual 42″ gauge prototype

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