LCCA for S Scalers?

I just joined the LCCA – Lionel Collectors Club of America. I know, so what? It looks like the LCCA is going to release an S Gauge American Flyer set sometime soon and it also looks too good to pass up for a Flyer junkie like me. I’ve been wanting NEW Flyer stuff since, like, forever and I’ve also decided to quit buying O Gauge stuff for awhile and concentrate on S Scale, so the timing is perfect for me. Anyway, the set will have a small diesel switcher painted in Union Pacific colors, a box car, “special” (I guess just for this set) watermelon car and auto carrier with two Hot Wheels cars, and a “specially painted” caboose. It’s supposed to be a Ready to Run set so I’m guessing it will include a transformer and track.

I also joined MTH’s Railroader’s Club last week to get their special boxcar. The experience between the two is night and day. When I joined LCCA, I was immediately given my Member Number and password to the web site. I joined MTH’s RR Club on the 19th and have yet to receive so much as an email acknowledgement that I’d joined, even though my credit card has already been charged. I called MTH yesterday and was told the due to the backlog (whatever that means) I shouldn’t expect to receive my membership number and login password for 2 or 3 more weeks. What??? If they can charge my credit card automatically, why can’t they automatically generate my login info and email it to me?

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