MTH S Scale Catalog is out…

MTH S Scale Railroaders Club box carFinally some good news for S Scale fans… MTH Trains’ S Scale catalog is out and it’s a lot better than I’d hoped. They only have one diesel locomotive, but it’s the F3 and it’s available in Santa Fe War Bonnet colors. The best part is it comes with both scale and High Rail wheels and couplers. This is great news for both American Flyer fans and the scale crowd – maybe now the rivet-counters can quit crying about the continued availability of Flyer-compatible locomotives; MTH accommodates both groups.

Freight cars include PS-2 covered hoppers, 70-ton ore cars, 40′ woodsided reefers, and 40′ steel rebuilt box cars. These are all former S Helper Service cars so the quality should be great. They don’t offer as many road names as S Helper did but that might change. The current selection is actually pretty good, I just wish western roads were better represented. Another thing I’d like to see them do is offer the cars painted but unlettered. One bright spot is two new Beer Reefers – M.K. Goetz Brewery and Senate Beer. There’s also a limited edition box car (B&O Sentinel Fast Freight Service) you can get by joining the MTH Railroaders Club.

Finally there is new American Flyer compatible S Gauge track again. This is S Helper Service’s track system which is pretty decent from what I’ve heard (I’ve never tried it myself). The best part of the catalog though is the American Flyer accessories. They’ve remade 11, most notably the sawmill, log loader, and Gabe the Lamplighter.

Today is a very good day for S Scale. The F3 and freight cars look good enough to run on any Scale layout, yet they’ll operate on American Flyer radius curves. For American Flyer fans, we can finally get operating accessories without having to scour eBay, internet forums, etc. and pay exorbitant prices for something in even semi-decent condition. I can’t wait to see Lionel’s S Scale catalog which is supposed to release today…

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