No matter what you want…

Dolores Conoco Plant - S ScaleIf it was ever made, it’s going to eventually show up on eBay. I’ve been wanting the Dolores Conoco Plant from Raggs to Riches ever since I first saw it about 3 years ago. Unfortunately I screwed around and din’t buy one, and the kit was discontinued. After a few weeks of frantic internet searches, posting Want Ads in online S Scale forums, and making umpteen phone calls to every vendor in the country who “might” have one stashed away they’d forgotten about I resigned myself to the fact I was probably never going to own this kit. So Friday afternoon I’m looking on ebay for a Tyco 4-6-0 and… there’s a Ragg’s Dolores Conoco oil plant. I almost dod the Buy-It-Now option but I didn’t really want to pay $275, so I just watch and put in a bid about a minute before the auction ended – and got the kit for $208 (plus shipping). So I’m a happy camper again:) Now I have to keep watching for an Ouray engine house kit in S Scale.

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