A Station for my Lionel Layout

plasticville stationI’m feeling bad about ordering so much O Scale stuff lately. I have all the track now for my Lionel Christmas layout but I still don’t have enough S Scale track to build an American Flyer layout. Since I’m an S Scaler not an O Scaler this kind of bothers me. My latest buy was a Plasticville passenger station. It was only $21.35 (including shipping) on eBay so I don’t feel too bad. Also the box says it works for both S and O scale… It does look a little small next to the Polar Express train. I haven’t set it next to a Fler train yet to see how it looks with S Scale equipment. I love the vintage look though, and it sure goes together easy – only 12 parts, and they interlock so you don’t even need glue.

The walls have a nice stucco finish cast in and are molded in white plastic. The windows are just part of the wall castings, with separate gray plastic doors. I’m going to paint the walls depot buff and the doors and windows some kind of dark red. I’d also like to add an interior floor, maybe some walls, and for sure some lighting. A smoke unit for the chimney would be pretty cool too but I don’t want to over-complicate things. One thing I will be doing for sure is adding snow to the roof – this is a Christmas layout after all:)

Oh – and I also ordered a Lionel Feather River service station set. Oops… To make up for it, I picked up a really nice American Flyer 30B transformer and an S Helper Union Carbide covered hopper. I really need to get this O Scale layout built and out of my system. Wish I could find a nice big stack of S Scale track in C7 or better condition…

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