Back to Sn3 for awhile

Wow, almost 7 years… I guess time flies when you’re busy. When I first started writing about S Scale, things looked great. Lots of new companies making S Scale stuff, even MTH was getting into it. Then life got busy and I got side tracked, so what’s it look like now? Not as good. S Helper Service is no more, along with some of the smaller kit makers. MTH’s S Scale efforts seem to have fizzled out. Even P-B-L seems to have slowed down. So what’s an S Scaler supposed to do?

Support what you like when you can. For me, that means ordering a Railmaster Hobbies kit of SP #18. The Slim Princess has always been my favorite line, the chances I’ll ever find a P-B-L copy of #18 are slim to none, so I decided to go with the Railmaster kit. Never mind that my building skills are somewhat lacking.

I haven’t given up my love for American Flyer, but I’m probably going to sell off most of it. I’ll keep my Western Pacific and Northern Pacific diesel passenger sets and a small freight train with a 343 pulling. I’m also selling one of my River Raisin Models SP Mountains and some standard gauge freight cars. That’s it for now, really looking forward to getting back into S Scale.

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