Easy Sn42 Critter

Sn42 critterThis Model Power DDT Plymouth Diesel switch engine would make a great Sn42 critter. It was sold as an HO locomotive, but it scales out too big in HO and really looks a lot better as an S Scale narrow gauge locomotive. In fact, I put it next to one of my SP steam locos (Sn3) and the proportions are just about perfect. The coupler height also matches the Sn3 locomotive. This would be perfect for a 4×8 layout in Sn42, maybe the Gorre & Daphetid. All you’d really need to do is replace the couplers, replace the headlight and exhaust with something a little bigger, and paint it. If that’s not quite fancy enough for you, super-detail it. These are out of production but easy to find on eBay. I