More buildings for my Keeler branch

Keeler branch outbuildings in S ScaleSometimes you see some really surprising stuff on eBay, like the laser cut kit for 4 outbuildings in Keeler, CA on the Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge (aka Slim Princess) – in S Scale no less. Every time I start to drift away from S Scale, something happens to bring me back to my senses. First it was the River Raisin SP Mikes (that just happened to run on the Jawbone branch that interchanged with the Slim Princess at Owenyo). Next it was the Railmaster “Little Giant” Sn3 locomotive kit. Then it was the SP C-30 caboose by Southwind Models. Do you think someone’s trying to tel me something? I’ve also managed to get an S Scale kit of the Keeler engine house, and an HO Scale kit of the Laws depot that I’ll use for reference when I scratch build it in S.

In other notes, I’m still waiting (over FOUR WEEKS???) for confirmation from MTH that I’m indeed in their “Railroaders Club” in spite of the fact they charged my credit card the same day I registered. LCCA is going to release a limited edition American Flyer set featuring a Baldwin switcher painted in UP’s “Building America” colors, flag and all. (note to self – start saving for one NOW). I still don’t have room for a layout but our rental house is almost complete so hopefully I’ll have time to clean out the garage soon and build a shelf along one wall. If I can’t run my trains it’d be nice to at least be able to display and photograph some of them. I’m too broke to buy much right now which is actually a good thing… maybe I’ll finally get around to building some of the structure kits I’ve accumulated.

It’s still looking like my first layout will be my Lionel Christmas layout – all I have room for is 4×8, and S Scale just won’t fit in 4×8. (I’m not counting the shelf in the garage since it won’t allow continuous running) Actually O Gauge isn’t too bad if you stick to O27 and ignore the wide track and third rail. Unless the American Flyer availability get a lot better I might just stick with O27 for my toy train fix and reserve S Scale for my scale modeling efforts.

Speaking of being broke, I just got a few kits – actually printable files – from Clever Models and for what they are, they look pretty good. I bought the O Scale versions and printed them at 75% to get them to S Scale. Hope to have one built and some pics pretty soon. Better to practice my modeling skills on cheap stuff instead of expensive laser cut kits.