Edelweiss Beer Reefer

Got another Billboard ReeferĀ for my beer train. This one is painted for Edelweiss Beer and is another reefer from S Helper Service. It’s a nice looking paint scheme but I was disappointed with the quality of the paint job. It’s not as bad as some but it’s also definitely not up to S Helper’s usually very high standards. It looks like a manufacturing issue and not a problem from the eBay vendor. Since I want one and it’s out of production I’m keeping it for now, but I hope I can find a better one someday. Of course, maybe the entire run of this particular car had bad paint… anyway I now have 7 Billboard Reefers for my beer train and about 4 more to get. I think they’ll look great behind my River Raisin MT-5. Now I just need to find room for a layout to run it on…

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