More kits on the way – and more musings on S Scale

Lucky Mining CompanyI finally broke myself from buying really cool O Gauge stuff and ordered a couple S Scale kits – the Lucky Mining Company and the Virginia & Truckee Virginia City ore bin, both by Classic Miniatures. Both are models of kits served by the V&T but I think they’ll fit well on my Slim Princess Sn3 layout that I’ll eventually get around to building. Hey, at least I’m spending money on S Scale stuff again:) I also ordered the Laws depot kit in HO Scale. I still dabble a little in that scale, and I’d like to scratch build this model in S Scale; having the kit will help out a lot in that effort (I think). So far my S Scale inventory (not counting American Flyer) consists of two SP narrow gauge 4-6-0’s, a C-16 (that’s going to get an SP-style tender), two SP narrow gauge combines, and around 10 SP narrow gauge freight car kits. My standard gauge roster is two SP Mikados and three Mountains by River Raisin Models, an SP Atlantic by Southwind Models, an American Models GP-9 kit, Des Plaines Hobbies GE 70-ton switch engine kit, three Southwind cabooses, a really nice Daylight passenger car set (American Models), and about twenty S Helper Service freight cars. I don’t have much track, but I do have ten structure kits and that collection is growing, especially if someone will sell me a Delores Conoco Oil Station kit. (inventory provided for the benefit of a friend who asked why I’m getting out of S Scale)

Meanwhile, over on the O Gauge Forum there was a really interesting thread about switching from O Gauge to HO scale due to lack of space. It got me thinking – wouldn’t S Scale be a better scale to switch to? It has almost the heft of O Gauge but takes up a lot less space. You could almost call it “The Ideal Scale.” Oh, that’s right, someone already did:) Anyway, I thought it was interesting to read some dedicated O Gaugers’ thoughts on other scales. Then I popped over to the S Scale section and once again, some guys are bemoaning the existence of American Flyer and proclaiming how much better the world would be if only the manufacturers would give up on AF compatibility and only make scale stuff. It’s too confusing to have both types because no one can figure out what to buy and having both drives people away from S Scale and blah blah blah…

Want to make a bet? I’ll bet the constant infighting among morons who think S Scale can only accommodate “scale” or only Flyer – but not both – does more to drive away potential S Scale modelers and especially manufacturers than anything else. Some people estimate that S Scale is about 85% American Flyer (and compatible) and 15% scale – yet a small number of the “15%s” think they should get to tell the rest of us what should be available??? I don’t think so, and it’s a really stupid argument because ‘S’ is big enough to accommodate both.

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